Oct 19, 2004
cant fuck with me.

im doing fucking great and im in a super mood, im happy, and doing great. p.classy. bri

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Jun 11, 2004
My infamous thinking

Outlooks on life. Everyone has a different approach and method of the outlook on life. And this, is how people are made. I suppose you are born with it, the second you are born, back in the deepest parts of our interesting minds, lays a room filled with features about ourselfs, waiting to be unwrapped by that person. They are presents, filled with features and qualities about yourself that makes you unique. Some people notice these qualities, others overlook. As you grow, you get the sense, year after year, of this outlook. This outlook helps you through the day, it makes you make decisions, how you make them and how you take them. If you dont really care about a situation, or if its your biggest concern. This is the work of our 'outlook on life.' Somethings seem important to people, and the person sitting next to them could care less. This is the beauty of it all. I love being awake.

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Know this isnt your first life, you are learning from your mistakes and proceeding with your dream. Live your american dream.

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